World Languages


All students in fkindergarten through fifth grades now take Spanish three days each week. 

Our full day district Kaleidoscope fourth and fifth graders take Mandarin Chinese.

All Webster students participate in the language program through fifth grade. The program focuses on fluent communication and culture. Students engage in learning through songs, stories, traditions, foods and holidays. Languages enrich our Humanities curriculum by offering multiple perspectives, culture, and arts!

Our Language teachers work with the grade level teachers to connect with New York State curriculum in Language Arts and Social Studies such as community, regions of the world, immigration, and family tradition.

Webster is inspired and guided by  The American Academy of Arts and Sciences....
"Goal 3:  Equip the nation for leadership in an interconnected world.…promote language learning"

excerpted from The Heart of the Matter

American Academy of Arts and Sciences

Mrs.Debra Kohn- Spanish - kindergarten, first, second, and some third grades
Mrs. Maria Cambiero - Spanish- some third grades, fourth and fifth grades ((ends June 2015)
Mr. Chris Belfont- Spanish - some third, fourth, and fifth grades (September 2015)
Ms. Ying Huang - Mandarin Chinese- District Kaleidoscope 4th and 5th grades