Studio Arts


All students take 10 weeks of studio arts.  The arts offerings may include dance, creative movement, theater arts, world music, design, 3D mixed media collage, bookmaking,printmaking,watercolor painting,portrait painting, environmental recycling arts, and architecture. Each year the actual studio arts offered will vary, depending on the availability of our artists.

Kindergarten students take a performing arts studio and a visual arts studio. First and second graders are assigned to a studio by their classroom teacher.  Third, fourth, and fifth graders are given studio descriptions and asked to indicate their general preferences. District Kaleidoscope follows its own separate studio model.

The studio arts program for 2013-2014 reflects a decrease in the number of studios from 14 studios to just 10.  This is a response to district budget changes, and to the need for more classroom instructional time.

Studios begin this year at the end of October, and will continue through to almost the end of January. A Festival will take place at the 10th session, and detailed parent information will be sent out.

Watch for the 2015-2016 studio dates to be posted!