25 Years Plus of Magnet Programs - 80 years old!

In 1982, the Magnet was created by a wonderful group of community residents, school administrators and teachers, and parents. Humanities and arts became the focus of magnet programs added to the regular curriculum to attract residents from all over New Rochelle to attend Webster in order to create diversity. It worked so well that people started to line up the night before registration in order to get in. Fortunately, we now we have a lottery system and a Magnet Open House, scheduled in March.

Happy 80th Birthday! In 1930, the cornerstone was laid for Daniel Webster Magnet School. In the 2010-2011 school year, several birthday events were planned to celebrate the long and eventful history of our school.
81 years old- 2011-2012
82 years old- 2012-2013
83 years old- 2013-2014
84 years old - 2014-2015
85 years old- 2015-2016
and so on, and on for a long time to come!

Watch for our 100th Birthday, coming in 2030!